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Our Products


Our Beers

you can get take home packs of our beer as individuals or as custom sixpacks of whatever of our
beers that you like.

  • Pilsener
  • PHB Strong Porter Ale
  • Acres of Wheat
  • Harris Bitter Ale

Keep your beers nice and chilled with our coolers

Keep your hands warm and your beer icy cold, not the other way around.

Old Coast Road Brewery has its very own custom neoprene beer coolers in two styles and two colours

  1. Get the long neck zip-up's with base that
    hugs your beer nice and tight
    - available in black and beige.

  2. Get the traditional tube style with base
    - Available in black and beige

Our Custom Collectable Coasters

A great collection of 6 high quality boxed custom printed beer coasters with our commisioned art
work of Tractors, Vintage Cars and classic Sailing Ships of yesteryear a time reminiscent of when the hand made touch reigned supreme just like our beers.

These are strictly availabe in limited print run and are collectors items.

Dont hesitate or they will be gone, buy a set for the collector in you or in someone you love.

Collectors Lables

Attention Label Collectors:

We have a large set of labels, and we have posted them all over Australia and overseas to various collectors. Because of the costs of putting the packs together, and also the cost of the labels themselves we do charge for them. Our labels are all triple laminated with plastic film so they are not like normal beer labels that will swell up and crinkle when wet.

This quality of label does cost more. They feature a series of illustrations that were painted for us by a commissioned artist with the themes of Famous Sailing Ships, British Sports Cars and Antique Tractors.

There are 38 labels in a full set. That’s 19 front and 19 matching back labels. The charge is $40.00 which includes postage. If you wish to proceed just post us a cheque for this amount and we will pop the labels in the post for you immediately.

Our postal address is PO BOX 165 Harvey, Western Australia 6220.

Dukkah, Drunken Fruit and our Marinated Olives

Marinated Olives (olive marinata)

A beautiful blend of Old Coast Road Brewery olives skillfully infused with fine flavours from the highest quality local ingredients. Delicious as an appetizer
or to enhance any salad.
All natural and preservative free.

Drunken Fruit (conserva antica)

An irresistible combination of shiraz wine, brown sugar, Mediterranean style dried figs, apricots, dates and spices. A delightful accompaniment to a gourmet cheese platter for pre-dinner drinks or as a dessert served with ice-cream.
All natural and preservative free.


A delicious dry mixture of chopped nuts, seeds and spices. Traditionally eaten by dipping fresh, crusty bread into olive oil and then into the mixture.

Collect all four of our finest Italian branded glasses

Acres of Wheat Glass
Pilsner Glass
Porter Ale Glass
Bitter Ale Glass

Geographe Distillery

Geograph Distillery

We are pleased to be associated with the 'Geographe Distillery' which commenced distilling from our premises in 2008. The distillery produces a range of 'Artisan' style spirits and liqueurs using local produce and hands-on 'small-batch' distilling methods. We have more in delicious distills in development so keep tuned.

Distillery products can be purchased from the brewery by the glass or if you prefer to take some home, by the bottle.


A traditional Italian liqueur, sweet, lemony and dangerously refreshing.

Vodka Blu
Smooth and uncomplicated just a like a good Vodka should be.

Vodka Citron
Just as smooth as its big brother with a hint
of lemon.

Varietal grappa distilled in small batches using fresh local grape marc.

Chai Liquer
A delicate infusion of Indian black tea and
warm oriental spices (including cardamom, ginger, star anise, cinnamon, peppercorn, cloves, nutmeg, orange peel and vanilla)
in the purest spirit. It's delicious poured neat over ice...but when mixed with milk to make a smooth, creamy Iced Chai Latte....
it's simply sublime.

  Follow this link to find out more about 
their products.
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